applications of nvcl
reactive diluent for radical initiated uv radiation curing used in inks(especially silk screening),vinyl flooring,wood coatings, release coating,etc.
conventional polymerizations to generate materials which have more hydrophobic character than analogous n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone based products.
mixture vinylcaprolactam and polyacrylate.used as a reactive uv absorber in coatings for paper and digital print ect.it has more hydrophobic than other vinyl monomers.
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physical properties of nvcl
¨’formula c8h13no
¨’cas no.2235-00-9
¨’molecular weight 139.2
¨’boiling point 116?¡æ(10mm hg)
¨’melting point 34¡æ
¨’vapor pressure <0.1mm hg(20¡æ)
¨’flash point 114¡æ
¨’viscosity 3.5cp(40¡æ)

n-vinyl-2-caprolactam use in
¨’coatings industrial
¨’uv printing ink
¨’polymer intermediate
¨’medicine materials
¨’commodity chemicals

specification of n-vinyl-2-caprolactam
¨’appearance:buff crystal

plastilc liner steel tube of 220kg net each
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